Major solar project starts up in Nauen

Nauen, May 24, 2012 – Today, a 3.1 megawatt peak (MWp) solar power station will go online in Nauen near Berlin, Germany. With an annual electricity production of 3.1 million KWh it will supply energy to approx. 800 households. The entire workforce for construction of the solar project was drawn from the region – especially from the town of Nauen itself.

The solar park was developed on a former building rubble tip belonging to Nauen and dating back to pre-war times. Because of the unstable ground conditions, heavy machinery was needed to clear the 80,000 m2 site before adding a 20 cm layer of topsoil to protect against erosion. Work on preparing the ground began in late January, with construction of the solar installation beginning in March. A workforce of over 20 recruited from local companies handled the groundwork, electrical cabling and framework and module assembly.

The Norwegian manufacturer Innotech Solar (ITS) supplied over 13,000 photovoltaic modules for the power station. The modules are particularly environmentally friendly, consisting of solar cells which had been rejected due to defects. Innotech Solar then used a laser-assisted process to restore their full performance power. “Our modules have an extra small carbon footprint. The production of modules with conventional solar cells consumes around 90% more energy than the production of ITS modules, which are made of optimized solar cells,” explains Dr. Thomas Hillig, Director Sales Marketing EMEA. “So I am delighted that today a particularly green solar project is going live.”

The planning and project management for the ‘Solarpark Ludwig-Jahn-Strasse’ was handled by the mdp Group from Oldenburg, which will also operate the solar power station. This was the fourth solar park to be created by the company in the Nauen area, bringing the total output from free-standing installations to 13 MWp.

“We made the deliberate decision to employ only workers from the region. It was important for us to install modules from a European manufacturer instead of equipment from China,” says Hans-Helmut Kutzeer, CEO of the mdp Group. “Innotech Solar was recommended to us by an independent expert because the company can supply European quality modules at competitive prices thanks to its special production methods.”

Press photos of the new solar park are available for download:

About Innotech Solar
The Norwegian company is an international supplier of PV modules. Innotech Solar specializes in analyzing and optimizing solar cells and uses industrial processes developed by its own research teams to do so. The first production line is in Narvik, Norway, where the parent company is headquartered. Since June 2011, cells have also been optimized in a new factory in Halle an der Saale. The company produces the majority of its modules in a former REC solar factory in Glava/Sweden, one of the most up-to-date production sites in Europe with fully automated production lines. The manufacturer’s production capacity totals some 160 MWp. The different module series are marketed through branches in Munich, California and Shanghai.

About mdp
mdp GmbH was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony. The company focuses on developing and implementing renewable energy projects in Germany. In the last ten years, mdp has handled the project work and turnkey implementation of approx. 350 wind power plants with an output of over 500 MW, 22 solar projects with an output of over 20 MWp and 4 natural gas installations. The company itself operates all projects completed since 2009.

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